Beyond The League Interview 006 | Antonio Jhuty (JATT)

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
April 10, 2020

Vancouver, B.C. - Get to know Metro League Team Captain, and Division II MVP of the FA19 Season, Antonio Jhuty.

Q1: What year did you first join The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ and how many seasons have you been a part of to date?

A1: I joined in 2019 and have played in 4 seasons. Since then, my team and I have won 4 championships. We plan on winning more.

Q2: Being a team captain, how did you put your team together?

A2: My teammates and I went to high school together, and some of us been hooping together since we were 13.

Q3: What’s your relationship with teammates? How long have you known them / how did you meet them?

A3: We're brothers. We all got our own lives and we all hang out much as we can. But this league brings us together once a week, to hoop.

Q4: Of all the leagues in the city and in the lower mainland, why choose The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ to bring your team together?

A4: Metro League is a great league. It brings everyone together to play ball on the best courts in the lower mainland. My teammates and I enjoy playing in it and we plan on continuing for upcoming years.

We appreciate you taking the time Antonio! Can't wait till we're all back on the court to watch you and your team bring that fast pace transition game every Monday night!

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