Beyond The League Interview 007 | Oscar Salvador (Agaveros)

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
April 13, 2020

Vancouver, B.C. - Get to know Metro League Team Captain, Oscar Salvador of Agaveros.

Q1: What year did you first join The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ and how many seasons have you been a part of to date?

A1: I joined The Metro League in 2016. Since then, I've been a part of every season.

Q2: Being a team captain, how did you put your team together?

A2: Over the years, we’ve added some local talent to our team by picking up players we meet in drop-ins or playing street ball.

Q3: What’s your relationship with teammates? How long have you known them / how did you meet them?

A3: The majority of our team were born in Mexico and been living here in Vancouver for quite a while now. We found each other playing pick-up ball, and decided to put a team together. Now, we’re not only teammates, we're also good friends.

Q4: How does The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ and the game of basketball bring you and your team together?

A4: This league has played an important role in everyone’s life. Everyone looks forward to game time on Monday nights. It has helped us grow together not only as a team, but also off the court, strengthening our friendship.

Q5: Of all the leagues in the city and in the lower mainland, why choose The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ to bring your team together?

A5: The metro league is a really well known league in the city and the facilities are top notch. The caliber of players is excellent, which is an important factor for us to keep competing and getting better every year.

Thank you for taking the time Oscar! We look forward to having you and the team back at the Oval when the league starts up again.

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