Beyond The League Interview 009 | Royce Sargeant (Mandem)

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
April 23, 2020

Vancouver, B.C. - Get to know one of Metro League's undeniable talents, team captain of Mandem, Royce Sargeant.

Royce, thanks for taking the time to talk a little bit about your history with The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™, how you built your current roster, and your relationship with your team beyond the league.

Q1: What year did you first join The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ and how many seasons have you been a part of to date?

A1: I think my first season was in 2016. If I can remember correctly, I’ve played every season since.

FA19 Season | Semi-Finals

Q2: Being a team captain, how did you put your team together?

A2: Everyone on my team is from my high school, so I thought it would just be fun to play with them again.

SP18 | Week 4

Q3: What’s your relationship with teammates? How long have you known them / how did you meet them?

A3: We've been friends since high school, playing together ever since grade 8 basically, so we’re all pretty close.

Q4: Of all the leagues in the city and in the lower mainland, why choose The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ to bring your team together?

A4: Metro League has good competition. The league is close to home for me and my team, so it just makes sense for us.

We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us Royce, and we can't wait to see you back on the court doing what you love!

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