Beyond The League Interview 001 | Matt Anza (TTP)

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
March 26, 2020

Vancouver, B.C. - Get to know the long standing Metro League Captain of TTP, Matt Anza.

Q1: What year did you first join The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ and how many seasons have you been a part of to date?

A1: I joined my first year in university in 2012 and I’ve played in every season then, so if two seasons a year, I’ve played in about 16 seasons.

Q2: Being a team captain, how did you put your team together?

A2: The majority of my team now is made up of high school teammates but in the past, different teams have been made up of friends and players from the province growing up.

Q3: What’s your relationship with teammates? How long have you known them / how did you meet them?

A3: My brother is on all my teams, along with former high school teammates and new and old friends from childhood to adulthood.

Q4: How does The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ and the game of basketball bring you and your team together?

A4: We’re all so busy as adults now a lot of don’t get to play that often, especially compared to when we were kids and basketball was our lives. Metro league gives us the opportunity to have one night a week where we can hoop with friends at a great facility.

Q5: Of all the leagues in the city and in the lower mainland, why choose The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ to bring your team together?

A5: The biggest reason is the facility and courts because The Richmond Olympic Oval was constructed for the Olympics, it’s tough to compete with the oval from a gym standpoint. The photographers, the write ups, referees and scorekeepers are great as well. Also the Nike fam and Victory staff who operate Metro, from Mario and Chrissy and Clint and John make the league more personable and easy to deal with from me personally.

Thanks for catching up with the team Matt, we'll see you next season to keep the incredible streak going!

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