Beyond The League Interview 004 | Danny Cockburn (Banana Boat Crew)

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
April 6, 2020

Vancouver, B.C. - Get to know Metro League Team Captain, Danny Cockburn of the Banana Boat Crew.

Q1: What year did you first join The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ and how many seasons have you been a part of to date?

A1: Our first season started in January 2019, and we've gone through three seasons now. So we're one of the newer teams out there.

Q2: Being a team captain, how did you put your team together?

A2: The year before I started our team, I had been missing playing ball. After talking about it with some friends, I started to rent out an elementary school gym in the West End one night a week because it was all I could find, and I'd invite out enough guys to get some 5-on-5 going. It was fun, but we wanted a little more competition, and that's what led us to start a team.

Q3: What’s your relationship with teammates? How long have you known them / how did you meet them?

A3: Many of our guys are friends from my fraternity at UBC, who I've known for about 8 years or so now. We also have a few guys from my work who I've known for a couple years, and my brother and cousin who I've known my whole life of course.

Q4: How does The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ and the game of basketball bring you and your team together?

A4: When you're young, you take organized sports for granted. Your parents enrolled you in it, you go to practice and tournaments and have a great time. Then it stops when you're an adult, and you miss out on the fun on the court and, more importantly to me, the comradery of being on a team. Playing in the Metro League gives us back that feeling.

Q5: Of all the leagues in the city and in the lower mainland, why choose The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ to bring your team together?

A5: There aren't many men's basketball leagues around, but Metro League worked for us given it's proximity to where we all live in Vancouver. It's also great playing in the fantastic facility that is the Richmond Oval, and the ref/scorekeepers make it way better than playing pick-up.

Danny, we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us. We can't wait to have you and the Banana Boat Crew back on the court on Monday nights! Thank you!

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