Spring '22, semifinals highlights, the vancouver metro basketball league™

John Leong
Spring 2022
June 14, 2022

Church of Buckets 71 vs Wildcats 66

Semifinals time! Clearly different energy on the Richmond Oval, close back and forth game from beginning to end. But Church of Buckets, with 5 players in double digits, was able to finish strong and secure their spot on this season final. It came down to the last seconds, with two clutch free throws from #21 Zyken to get the lead needed to make it to next week game.

Church: #23 Zach with 12 points, 8 Reb and 2 Steals. #14 Arnel with 14 points.

Wildcats: #23 Anthony with 9 points, 13 Reb and 4 assists. #5 Bryce with 18 points and 8 reb.

Thunder 77 vs JATT 72

Intense game despite the fact that each team only had 1 sub. Both teams never slowed down and kept an impressive pace the whole game. It came down to the last minutes where Thunder was able to keep the composure and get some good shots to end up the game victorious. We will see you on the Final!

Thunder: #21 Tristan with 14 points, 9 reb and 2 assists. #3 Niko with 18 points and 2 Reb.

JATT: #24 Ravi with 22 points, 6 reb and 4 assists. #14 Jas with 19 points and 4 reb.

Buddy Guys 73 vs TTP 63

#24 Ravi from Buddy Guys was too much for TTP! With an impressive performance, Buddy Guys secure their spot in the final, and they will face Church of Buckets in a game that is not going to disappoint for sure. TTP fought hard until the last minutes, but despite great individual performances, there was really little they could do at the end to take the game.

Buddy Guys: #24 Ravi with 26 points, 4 reb and 3 assists. #23 Malik with 16 points and 3 reb.

TTP: #23 Ronan with 23 points, 4 reb and 2 assists. #5 Matt with 17 points, 6 reb and 2 assists.

Senju 86 vs South Slope Shooters 80

When everything was looking like a blow out game, and South Slope Shooters were controlling everything at will, Senju woke up in the second half to give us a crazy semifinal at The Richmond Oval. With a 20 point comeback, and a crazy 3 pointer to send the game into OT, Senju managed to get an incredible win to move on into this season's Finals against Thunder.

Senju: #5 Jordan with 28 points and 4 reb. #8 Warren with 20 points and 6 reb.

South Slope Shooters: #8 Jerric with 31 points, 4 reb and 1 steal. #5 Gerry with 13 points and 5 rebounds.

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