Spring '22, Week 7 Highlights, The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™

John Leong
Spring 2022
May 17, 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia - The. Last. Week. Teams finished the SP'22 Season strong following seven weeks of fierce competition. With playoff seeding now determined, teams will get an off week to prepare for playoffs. To view the full Week 7 Photo Album, head to our Facebook page.

Great game to finish our Monday night at The Richmond Oval. With an awesome display of skill from both teams, Senju and Afro Hair Studio was definitely a fun game to watch. Senju goes to the playoffs undefeated! Are they going to be able to keep it that way in the weeks to come? 

Senju: #22 Othniel with 41 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists. (11 three pointers)

Afro: #20 Joey with 30 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. 

Another great competitive game for our Div 1. Solid ball movement and team play for both teams during Monday night. Question is, who’s going to be able to Stop Drew Urquhart for next week's playoffs.

Stallions: #34 Drew with 32 points, 10 reb and 3 assists. #11 Jit with 11 points and 10 Reb.

JATT: #24 with 18 points and 12 rebounds. #19 Antonio with 20 points and 3 reb. 

Wildcats were able to recover from a tough game on week 6 and got a solid win vs TTP this week. With a solid performance from beyond the arc (16 made 3s), they control the game from beginning to end. 

Wildcats: #0 Travis with 24 points, 3 reb and 4 assists. #5 with 25 points

TTP: #23 Ronan with 26 points and 2 reb 

Huskies finish regular season with a solid win against a hard Malibu’s team. Dominating on the boards with +14 against their opponent, Huskies were able to control the game on the second half. Team looks ready for the playoffs! 

Huskies: #6 Ryan with 12 points and 13 Rebounds. #1 Edson with 19 points.

Malibu’s: #3 Ryan with 16 points, 4 reb and 4 assists. 

What started a bit slow, ended up being an exciting close battle. Both teams worked really hard on defense to make sure there were no easy baskets on court 6 of the Richmond Oval. The strength inside and on the boards was too much to handle for Wolves, and Buddy Guys finished with a solid win to end the regular season. 

Buddy Guys: #91 Brandon with 11 points and 15 rebounds

Wolves: #8 Ady with 16 points. 

After a tough loss last week, All Canadians recovered and got a solid win to end the regular season. With great team chemistry, and a couple of outstanding performances, All Canadians put together a great display of basketball.

All Canadians: #20 AJ with 28 points and 3 rebounds. #12 Mark with 17 points, 7 reb and 6 Assists.

Hasbulla’s: #3 Alex with 32 points and 5 rebounds.

Zach San Felipe was unstoppable on Monday night, and with a great performance gave Church of Buckets another solid win on this Spring Season of Metro League. Church is looking sharp and ready for playoffs! 

Church: #23 Zach with 38 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals. #14 Arnel with 18 points, 4 rebound and 4 assists.

Banana: #88 Aron with 14 points and 8 rebounds. #8 Vivaswan with 18 points and 5 Reb. 

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