Studying The Dance Ep. 02

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
April 24, 2020

Vancouver, B.C. - With the release of MJ's Documentary, The Last Dance, now airing in Canada on Netflix, athletes from The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ took some time with us to share some of their favourite MJ moments, quotes and of course, kicks.

Studying The Dance | Ep. 02

Featuring Kevin Anza

Reviewing the First 2 Episodes:

Kev! Thanks for taking the time to share some of your thoughts with us and chat about The Last Dance documentary.

Q: What do you about the first 2 episodes of the MJ documentary so far?

A: I loved em! It puts into perspective how big Michael Jordan really was. Everyone in the world knows him and you get a deeper dive into his mentality. What it takes to be the best player to ever play.

R: Couldn't agree more with you on those points. It's a perfect time to be reliving not only his greatest moments, but his mentality both on and off the court.

Things You Learned and Didn't Know About MJ:

Q: Aside from the serious takeaways, what were some new insights you took away from the first 2 episodes?

A: It was cool to see tidbits of Jordan's personality, like playing golf with Danny Ainge right, then dropping 63 on him and the Celtics in the garden. Or how he bought Pippen golf clubs his rookie season, Lol!

Fave MJ Moment

Q: The Last Dance documentary is giving us a chance to relive a lot of MJ's career highlights and moments. Growing up, what was your favourite MJ moment?

A: My favourite MJ moment would be the1998 NBA finals - The Last Shot. I was 6 years old and I did that move on Matt 100 times after we saw it. Still remember how crazy our family went when he stole the ball and hit that shot.

Fave MJ Quote

Q: MJ inspired many athletes with his determination on the court, but also with his words and mentality off-the-court. Do you have a favourite MJ quote that helped you in your basketball career?

A: "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed."

R: We just asked Jesse Beavis of Kawhi So Srs the same question, and he responded with the same quote. Seems to be a very popular quote from MJ that really resonated with many athletes.

Fave Pair of Js

Q: Before we close this off, we have to ask, what are your favourite pair of Js?

A: Favourite shoes would be the air Jordan black cement 3s. From the slam dunk contest, to the All of The Lights music video with Kanye, those shoes are a classic. The all black 20’s and black cement 3 pack was one of my first pairs of Jordan’s. Black retro 20’s aren't the best ball shoes. Lol!

Kev, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time! I know we can talk Jordan all day. Thank you!

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