Studying The Dance Ep. 06

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
May 5, 2020

Vancouver, B.C. - With the release of MJ's Documentary, The Last Dance, now airing in Canada on Netflix, athletes from The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ took some time with us to share some of their favourite MJ moments, quotes and of course, kicks.

Studying The Dance | Ep. 06

Featuring Shannon Sequiera

Shannon, sincerely appreciate you taking the time to talk with us about some of your favourite MJ moments. We're positive you've been enjoying The Last Dance as much as we are

The Documentary

Q: On that note, we are now 6 episodes into the documentary. Tell us, what do you think about The Last Dance so far?

A: The documentary so far is great because it’s new basketball content. But it also makes you want to get out there and hoop, but unfortunately we can't.

Q: Like yourself, many of us are looking forward to getting back on the court, and the documentary is certainly inspiring that motivation.

Favourite MJ Moment

Q: Some of the Metro League players have been reminiscent about their favourite MJ plays growing up since the release of the documentary. Growing up, did you have a favourite MJ play or moment?

A: My favourite MJ moment...for me, is when he dunked on Mutombo and gave him the "no no" finger shake for trying to block him.

R: This dunk, as well as the poster on Ewing, are definitely up there for top MJ moments.

Favourite MJ Quote

Q: In terms of MJ's impact on your game growing up, was there an inspirational quote from MJ that you carry to this day?

A: That's tough. He's said and done a lot of inspirational things throughout his career

R: We agree. He's done so much for the game of basketball just with his performance on the court alone.

Favourite Pair of Jordans

Q: Last question - We can't end the interview without knowing what your favourite pair of Js are.

A: My favourite pair ofJordans growing up, would have to be the 13’s

R: Nice! Don't think anyone has mentioned these in recent interviews.

Thank you again Shannon for sharing some of your MJ moments with us. Alluding to what you said earlier, we are all looking forward to getting back on the court Monday night's. Till then, we appreciate you taking the time and talking MJ!

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™

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