Studying The Dance Ep. 07

The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™
May 11, 2020

Vancouver, B.C. - With the release of MJ's Documentary, The Last Dance, now airing in Canada on Netflix, athletes from The Vancouver Metro Basketball League™ took some time with us to share some of their favourite MJ moments, quotes and of course, kicks.

Studying The Dance | Ep. 07

Featuring Brandon Hoyem

Brandon, thank you for taking the time to talk about The Last Dance documentary. Also, we really appreciate the genuine honesty of wanting to approach this interview a little different by talking about the influence Rodman rather than Jordan, so thank you.

The Documentary

Q: Overall, what do you think about the documentary so far?

A: I have been watching all the episodes, and it has been a really good documentary.

Rodman's Style

Q: The documentary is truly shedding light on some of the the other personalities on the team and in the organization. Watching you play in the Metro League, we understand why you would rather speak about Rodman than Jordan, but can you tell the audience why you are such a big of of Rodman's game?

A: I’m more of a Rodman fan since I feel my game is more relatable...rebounding, defending, chasing down loose balls. I love the guy's hustle and work ethic and non stop motor. He would sacrifice for the better of the team and do the things most all stars don’t like to do.

R: The type of player is hard to come by, most definitely.

Rodman's Impact

Q: When you think about the impact Rodman had on that 98' Bulls team, what is the biggest take away for you personally?

A: That it’s just as important to them winning titles. You hear a lot about Jordan’s shots, but Rodman's type of play is irreplaceable to a team.

R: Couldn't agree more.

Fave Rodman Quote

Q: Now, many players have been sharing their favourite Js, moments and quotes with us. Do you have a favourite quote from Rodman that resonates with you?

A: "I go out there and get my eyes gouged, my nose busted, my body slammed. I love the pain of the game." It’s not a Jordan quote, but it’s just more relatable to a guy like me who loves rebounding!

R: We've seen the hustle and grit you play with every Monday night, and we can absolutely see the similarities. You are a beast on the boards!

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts on Dennis Rodman and his style and impact on the 98' Bulls. We hope you enjoy the rest of the documentary and that we all get back on the court sooner than later!

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